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#129997 - you waiting for something? i say looking around and smiling yankees2girl: i giggle and grab your hand and walk into the guy’s bathroom fucinhigh08: i follow your lead into the bathroom watching your ass wiggle as you walk yankees2girl: as we get in, right as the door closes i push you up against the wall and kiss you hard sliding my tongue into your mouth fucinhigh08: i kiss you back hard grabbing your ass and lifting it up as i moan and slide my tongue in your mouth yankees2girl: i grind my hips against the bulge in your jeans i reach down and grab your cock through your pants fucinhigh08: we kiss hard as you grab my cock hard i start to lift your shirt over your head and grab and squeeze your huge tits damn these things are fucking hot i say between kisses yankees2girl: i giggle as we kiss and start to unbutton your pants and unzip them well thank you fucinhigh08: as you pull my rock hard cock out i moan and squeeze your tits harder with one hand i reach

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