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#53477 - He was slim too and was wearing a chunky grey and black sweater and rather fetching pale grey ‘Craghopper’ hiking trousers – the sort that are hard-wearing but which cling snuggly in all the right places! On his back, he had a ruck-sack and over one arm he carried a jacket, while in his hands he had his ticket - and a grey and silver cycling helmet. As he opened his door and I opened mine, he looked back at me and I couldn’t resist the opportunity, “Nice helmet!” I said, with what I hoped was a cheeky grin. Then, kneeling down in front of him, I began admiring and stroking the smooth black and grey lycra surface of his shorts, the stitching of which seemed to emphasize his muscles and the cheeks of his bum, which were flexing in and out now, as I kneaded and caressed his buttocks.

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Anju maaka
This vid is hot as fck
Dick aint even hard wtf