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#66263 - Deanna a very naive girl in many ways could not phantom how in the world she could possibly be used as a pool pocket? But she was quickly going to find out! Darryl now fully in charge had enlisted several of his black brothers to help! As Deanna submissively and still wondering, was easily helped up into a sitting position and then scooted back! Followed by being lifted up and placed over one of the pool table corner pockets! Then her legs were spread wide opening her pussy up directly over that corner pocket hole! To make things a bit more interesting someone at Darryl's request had found some cord and had tied her ankles and then her wrists to her ankles in the same place on the edge pool table, this had left her helpless and her legs wide apart! A old black flannel scarf was placed over her eyes and tied tight ! For Deanna again being naked and not being able to move much or see, but now with freedom and clitoral relief easily made her imagination go crazy with what Darry

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